last reflection    I was happy for taking

last reflection 
  I was happy for taking the course in first week because it is really useful for us. However, I didn’t know that there were a lot of programmes and there were a lot of things that we must do. So, I didn’t get at all lessons because there were so many things every week. I wish this lesson were not a lesson it were a course which we could attend in summer, and we had a lot of time in order to learn these programmes. OR, this lesson would be in our second year, we had so much time than this year. First weeks, I came to class, I did my tasts regularly. However, I couldn’t do everything last time because the kpss exam time will come and unfourtunately the exam programme was changed. Since I try to study regularly my education lessons, I caught some homeworks for this lesson. I wish we hadn’t so much homework.
I don’t think I profit this lesson properly 😦  nevermore, one thing that I loved most is the programme for preparing presentations, prezi. I will use this great tool in my classes.

I have followed a group about English for 1 year. It is not related English teaching, but it is about some grammar rules, daily speaking English or some videos for fun.

And, the most thing I love in this group is both being given useful knowledge and being shared funny caricatures or videos. I can advise you join this group for “useful” fun 🙂

I am a trainee teacher in a high school this term, and even in the high school teachers want students to search some information on the internet and to work groups then to share these information each other. Since we are the internet age these days, it is useful working on the internet as a group. For this purpose, there are some online groups to join and to work together or to share information.

In the last lesson, teacher’s mentioning topic was way to go!  We learned about online groups and how we would use. This is very necessary for us since we teach English with peer-works or group-works.

this was a better lesson, there were less people in the class so teacher’s telling the lesson could be understood better I think. 

We learnt new things 🙂 I loved Google Documents more, and I will use this tool in my writing classes. It is very useful both teachers and students because there are no papers no wasting time reading students’ writing… 

I wish I would take notes while in the lesson because I realize that I can forget how Google Documents will be used, I will write down each lesson any more not to forget these useful tools.

When I leanrt about how to use computers with internet, I started enjoy doing something related with blog. I really enjoyed last lesson.

I  am impatient for the next lesson (and I will take notes!) 🙂

Why we have too few women leaders

The video is about women are still background in the society. Men think that they are more suitable for important works and Sherly criticizes the society’s misunderstanding about women’ position in the society. I totally agree with Sherly. Women should think that they can do anything if they want; they can success and develop themselves.
Previously, women had more responsibilities in the home, in the work. However, we are in a new era and women and men have same responsibilities anymore. hopefully, women will be in more working areas in the future but firstly, women should want this and believe themselves.

technology is everything!

Previously, teachers used to come to classes and open teacher’s books, start to teach the subject on the books. However, at the present time, teacher should use the computer while teaching lessons because computers enable teaching a different language; practicing more exercises, showing more examples and using the time effectively are more easy with computers. There is internet nearly all schools any more, so teachers are lucky about finding reading, writing, especially listening activities on the internet. Using the internet and computers consciously is very important for us (English teachers), so I am happy for taking the course. I want to use a computer professionally and I want to benefit from technology. I hope I will graduate as I have learnt using computer thanks to you 🙂 I hope this course will benefit us according to teaching language. As my other friends said, our time is very valuable this year, so I want to learn useful, beneficial information about computers not inessential, hard homework… This is my opinion about the course, thank you.